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Abigal Amy DellaRolla




112 lbs


March 17, 1988 (age 23)

Long Island, New York


Miami, Florida

Billed From

Long Island, New York

Trained by

Haylie Trudel, Josh Trudel


January 4, 2010

Early Life[]

Growing up, Abigail had always dreamed to be a WWE Diva, and wanted to focus on it so much that she had even dropped out of highschool in her junior year to train to become a WWE Diva

Wrestling Career[]

Abigail made her debut on the January 4, 2010 episode of Raw where she was in a singles match against Brie Bella, but ended up loosing due to Brie doing the 'twin magic', got her sister Nikki involved.

Abigail ended up loosing against Brie and Nikki respectively for four weeks until the February 8, 2010 episode of Raw where she beaten both Brie and Nikki in a one on two handicap match.

Abigail wasn't used on Raw for the rest of February, then it wasn't till the March 1 episode of Raw where she was teamed up with Kelly Kelly and Eve Toress and they'd faced Maryse, Alicia Fox and Jillian Hall in a winning fashion where she'd pinned Alicia Fox for the win.

Abigail wasn't used on television for a few months until the September 6, 2010 episode of Raw where her and her brother Carson DellaRolla tagged up and defeated Damien Hardy and Brie Bella.

Abigal hasn't been used on Raw since then, but is more used on WWE Superstars

Personal Life[]

Abigail is the little sister of Carson DellaRolla and the cousin of Haylie, Josh and Courtney Trudel. When she was eleven years old, Abigail was diagnosed with sleep apmnea.

Entrance Music[]

Twitter Account[]

Abigail's Twitter Account is @Abigail72. She uses it to talk to her fans and annoy her brother a little bit.