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Alicia Marie Brooks


Alicia Brooks




110 lbs


August 17, 1989 (Age 22) Chicago, Illinois

Billed From:

Chicago, Illinois


Miami, Florida

Trained By:

CM Punk

Michelle McCool


Dusty Rhodes

Ricky Steamboat



June 8, 2010

Early Life

Alicia didn't have it good growing up. She mostly grew up with he parents and her brother and sister but that didn't stop her from living her life. While growing up she mostly competed in beauty pageants and even won the 2005 Miss Teen Chicago pageant. After that Alicia started training to be a Wrestler.

Wrestling Career

When Alicia came to the WWE she appeared on the second season of NXT after a few months in FCW she was paired up with Michelle McCool and Layla as Pros. She finished second on NXT and convenced then Smackdown GM Adrienne Irvine to give her a contract on Smackdown. There she hung out with LayCool and the Straight Edge Society. She also wrestled a few matches but didn't get her big break until her and her brother got traded over to Raw.

When Alicia got traded over to Raw she was in a short Rivalry with Daniel Brian for the United States Championship. She didn't win the title but she did Improve her Wrestling skills a bit. When her brother joined the New Nexus she followed suit. When they brought Tonya Ryan and Bridget Guerrero in the group Alicia made the New Nexus Divas Stable with them in it. Her and the rest of the Divas had a chance to join the Nexus 2.0 With her sister Tori as the Leader but Alicia turned her down which was the beginning of her long face turn While in the stable they feuded with Smackdown Stable the Corre Divas. That feud would end at Wrestlemania and the New Nexus Divas Stable would last until Alicia turned on her stablemates and turned face.

Recently she's been helping out her brother and the other face Divas on Raw and has been teaming up with Tonya again while Bridget remains a heel.

Personal Life

Alicia is one of the little sisters of CM Punk she is also the older sister of Tara Brooks and younger sister of Tori Brooks. Alicia dated Cody Rhodes until January saying that the reason for the breakup was that they did not get along in the end as lovers. But they're very good friends still.


  • The Straight Edge Kick (Sweet Chin Music)
  • GTS

Wrestlers Managed

  • Michelle McCool
  • Layla
  • CM Punk

Entrance Music

Twitter Account

Alicia's Twitter account is @ModelAlicia and she mostly uses it to post pictures of her family and talk to her friends and fans on there.